Portville Football
2004 Season Wrap-Up
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Cass Valley
Cleveland Hill
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Alumni Game 2005

This football season was one of the best ever in Panther history, especially with 8 resounding victories and an exciting offense that produced 321 points and 45 touchdowns.
The 43-8 playoff spanking of Cleveland Hill, complete with 6 touchdowns, was the apex of the '04 campaign, but several of the other games were truly awesome...
particularly the 7th week mauling of Salamanca 37-14 in the black pit of Warrior Stadium...
on their Homecoming night.  The team really shined that evening.
The 17-0 skunking of Class B Alden in the pouring rain and mud represented a great achievement.  Alden went on to win the B-Bowl and averaged over 30 points per game after PCS showed them how to hit.
In fact, Portville beat all of the Erie County teams and were the only school in Section 6 to return to the Ralph.  (We won't talk about Falconer.)
It was great to watch the 5 touchdowns in the Maple Grove game...and the 6 TDs in the JFK heat...and the 6 at Catt-LV...and the 6 against Cass Valley.  Wow.  The squad really entertained the fans this year.
Of course, it was a delight to see the Panthers clobber the old nemesis Allegany with 4 touchdowns and a field goal.
The Portville defense was also superb in 2004, and the boys registered numerous sacks, slams, fumble recoveries, and interceptions.  Special Teams had many highlights and a few lowlights to scare the coaches.
As a result of all this excitement, fan attendance was high.
This year's four-year seniors finish their careers with 29 total victories, more than anyone in Portville Football history.
All-World QB/DB Brian Nitsche led the way this Fall, aided by an offensive line that really stepped up...and a potent arsenal of weapons for running and catching the pigskin.  Brian finishes his PCS career as the top QB of all-time, with over 3,000 passing yards, 50 total TDs, and 22 victories.
Junior Joe Holcomb had 1,149 rushing yards and is second all-time.  Joe scored 16 TDs this year, while Brian was in on 23.  Kirk Austin had 20 catches for 437 yards and 6 TDs.
TE/DE Brad Holcomb had 15 catches, 6 sacks, and a half-dozen knock-downs.  Jarid Lowe led the team with 71 tackles (90 tackle-points).  Austin had the most interceptions.  Kris Young had 21 successful extra-point kicks, and made his first 16 in a row...both records.
Lineman Matt Miller had an all-star season, as did Brad Hill, Eric Caya, Matt Burlingame, Alex Woodhead, and Josh Haynes.  Most of the reserves, role players, and young guys had many varsity moments behind the first team machine.
It was a very special year - a nice going-away party from the C league, who Portville may not see for years to come, as they now prepare for the D schools.