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Game 6
Cassadaga Valley   @   Portville
Friday, Oct. 8   7:30 pm

The Portville Panther Football Team did it again this weekend, defeating Cassadaga Valley 42-20.  The offense was like a machine operating on all 8 cylinders during the first half, putting up 28 points.  Four of their 5 drives ended in a TD.  The squad is now 5-1, with 2 regular season games to go.
The first TD was scored by speedster Alex Woodhead - a 38-yard run.  Number two saw mighty Joe Holcomb take it in from the four.  Cousin Brad "Bullet" Holcomb scored the third - a sweet catch from QB Brian Nitsche - 4 yards.  Joe took a 12-yard run to paydirt with 4:43 left before the half as well.
The Panther defense only allowed 55 yards rushing, made an interception and recovered a fumble, and gave up two quick touchdowns at the end of the game.  Matt Burlingame had a nice interception called back, while Nitsche almost had another one.
PCS had 316 yards rushing, with Woodhead totaling 109, Nitsche 108, and Joe Holcomb 96.  Kris Young broke the school record with 6 extra point kicks.  Young has been perfect for the season.  Incidently, Kris also leads the Big 30 in soccer goals.
Junior WR Kirk Austin had three receptions, one for an 11-yard TD.  As one observer noted, "this Austin kid is really establishing himself as a big threat, and teams are double-covering him now".  The final TD was scored by Mighty Joe, giving him 3 in each of the last two games.
According to Portville's biggest fan, Big Jim Hawbaker, "I've seen Joe Holcomb score alot of touchdowns this year that he had no business scoring...dudes all around him, coming in for the kill.  And bang!  Holcomb puts on a move, turns on the after-burners, and adds six.  It's a direct result of his great work ethic, reaching beyond normal human limits, and a good attitude about playing to the hilt.  I hope the other boys are inspired like we Hawbakers are."
Unfortunately (and fortunately) for Cass Valley, several of the PCS JV players got in at the end of the game.  Cass Valley showed alot of class in this game, as their school always does from year to year.  They were able to put up two nice TD passes in the final moments.
Matt Blue, Josh Haynes, and Jarid Lowe were solid players, performing many of the roles that go unnoticed.  Last week's players of the week, Tim Zapel and Garrett Stephen, continued to show that they can play at these levels of football.  Jeremy Taylor had the hit of the night during one of the kick-offs.  The coaches did a great job of calling the game as well.
Congratulations to everyone who did their job well on this Homecoming Night.
Next week's game at Salamanca will be the biggest contest of these players' lives.  Basically, the winner goes to the playoffs and the loser does not. 

Rivalry began in 1986
Portville leads series 15-4
1986   PCS 20      CV  0
1987   CV 22      PCS  0
1988   CV 15     PCS 14
1989   PCS 34     CV   0
1990   CV  9       PCS  8
1991   PCS 27     CV 21
1992   PCS 36     CV 12
1993   PCS 36      CV  0
1994   PCS 37      CV  6
1995   PCS 45     CV 12
1996   PCS 23      CV  8
1997   PCS 22      CV  8
1998   PCS 29      CV  7
1999   PCS 21     CV 12
2000   PCS 28      CV  0
2001   PCS 21     CV 14
2002   CV 13     PCS 12
2003   PCS 34      CV  0
2004   PCS 42     CV 20