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Alumni Game 2005

Game 5
PCS 40 @ Cattaraugus-Little Valley 10
Friday   Oct. 1   7:30 pm

The Panthers bounced back from last week's lost, whipping the Timberwolves on their home field.  Portville's Junior RB Joe Holcomb turned on the jet engines for 3 touchdowns, and both lines came up big, despite some injuries.
This was a game that had several new faces stepping up to fill in the gaps.  In his initial game of the season, Garrett Stephen played some tough defense, complementing the work of many others like Jarid Lowe, Brad Holcomb, Brad Hill, and Eric Caya (who was sick as a dog).  Tim Zapel, Nick Prozeller, Josh Kausner, Dustin Neudeck, Matt Burlingame, Shane Hood, and Matt Blue all contributed significantly to the victory.
QB Brian Nitsche ran for one TD, and he threw a beautiful 55-yard touchdown to a stoked Kirk Austin.  Brian also had an interception that almost went for six.  Kicker Kris Young made all of his XP kicks and saved a TD with a wicked tackle on a kick-off.  Hampered by a sprain, lineman Matt Miller still did a number on the opponents, while Jared Warner and John Freeborn got in some quality hits as well.
Destiny is still waiting for Josh Haynes to return a kick to the promised land, and he almost did again in this contest.  Alex Woodhead and Lowe also got in some rushing touches, while the whole team blocked and tackled way better than they did a week ago.
Rivalry began in 1931
Portville leads series 11-2-1
1931   Portville  6      LV  0
1932   Portville 31     LV  0
1933   Portville 34     LV  0
1937   Portville 14     LV  0
1939   Portville  6      LV  6
1963   Portville 26   Catt  0
1964   LV 41    Portville 33
1965   Portville 36     LV  0
2000   Portville 13      C-LV  6
2001   Portville 31     C-LV 14
2002   C-LV 28     Portville 14
C-Bowl   Portville 16     C-LV 13
2003   Portville 19   C-LV 13 OT
2004   Portville 40     C-LV 10