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Portville Reunion Weekend a Big Hit
Events blessed with nice weather
by Jimmy Reynolds
Aided by a break in the rainy weather that the region has experienced this summer, the town of Portville celebrated its reunion on the weekend of July 9th.  Leading the way to a successful and memorable experience were several alumni classes from PCS as well as various organizations that donated time, energy, and money to the cause.
The class of 1979 (of which this writer is a member) celebrated its 25th-year reunion, kicking things off on Thursday night with a welcome home party up at the Milne residence on Butternut Brook.  A few of the old Obi Cabin crew (http://pcs1979.com/thecabin/ ) convened to put the finishing touches on the weekend plans.
On Friday, the class of 1984 joined the 79ers for a reunion festival at the American Legion.  By rough estimate, 200 folks attended, including about sixty 79ers, fifty 84ers, fifty spouses, and forty people from other classes (who were all welcomed with open arms).
Musician Dave Dorson entertained the crowd with his acoustic guitar, playing a variety of classic tunes.  He was later joined by fellow former Phones guitarist, Jerry "Pan" Pancio and a contingency of females who helped introduce Jerry's new version of the famous Portville cheer - "We are the Panthers, the mighty, mighty Panthers..."


"It was great to hear some old Phones riffs again," commented Mary Freaney ('84), who admitted to being a former groupie of the band. (click Portville Bands for more)  "I still have their album."
In between musical sets, the crowd was entertained with a couple of video collages of the two reunion classes, but the real entertainment was the fellowship and conversations that took place throughout the party.
"The class of 79 is known for its unity, inclusiveness, and acceptance," noted Roger DeAngelo ('80), who is a manager for The House of Blues in Los Angeles.  "They're all about love and having a good time...much like the Beatles," Roger added.
1984 class president Shayne Snyder Certo and VP Coralie Warner McMahon were the tandem who came up with the idea of throwing a joint reunion party.  "Since our classes have a lot of family connections, we thought it would be cool to do," both ladies agreed.

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For several of the 79ers and 84ers, this was their first PCS reunion experience in a long time.  Folks like Julie Perry Cradduck, Greg Waldrip, Randy Bretzin, Tim Jordan, and Doug Torrey took a break from their new states to gather with the regular reunion attendees.
Townie Chris Holcomb ('84) mingled with John Milne, Bobby Depp, Jim Kennedy, Tim Giberson, and others from the jock contingency.  Pete and Jon Stuckey represented both classes, as did Scott and Gary Nix, Margaret and Cathy Baldwin, and Joe and Shayne Snyder.
79ers like Becky Shepard, Pam Aloi, Mike Milne, Barry O'Brien, Russ Martin, Chris Trahan, Larry Miller, and Anne Holcomb crossed paths with Denise Afton, Mary Jean Brooks, Cheryl Moore, Ken Buchanan, Michelle Colletti, and Valerie Hatchett from 1984.
Dudes from the old Portville Book Meetings reminisced - Doug Wright, Craig Clark, Mark Bowen, John Sprague, Mark Childs, DeAngelo, and others.  Former quarterback John Depp looked in good shape, Dave Rutterman was still quoting  Julius Caesar,  and Kim Teuscher took alot of pictures.


Carolyn Taylor (84) was one of the first to arrive, along with Retired Army Major Bretzin, Pancio, and Spraguey.  Marcie Cox Aloi brought husband Tony, who manages to get to all the Portville reunions.
Other 84 folks who signed the guestbook included Dave Smith, Tina Hilliard, Dave Gelder, Cheryl Williams, Sandra Linn, and Barb Firkel.  Former athletes Nix, Gary Swetland, and Bob Torrey welcomed the late arrival of '79 president Boomer Connell.
"Boomer's the most famous person in our class, so we gotta give him his props," declared Coach Swetland.  "He's right up there with Lee A. Frair, Jeff Nix, and Roger DeAngelo as far as I know."
A bunch of people from other classes attended the festival, including Tim and Sheryl Russell, Pat Dunn, Scott Forrest, and Rob Pockalny (Click Panther Profile - sub).


Elsewhere on Friday, the Class of 1954 had a huge turn-out for their party, as almost all of the living classmates attended their 50th.  The Friday night festivities were just the beginning for these classes, as Saturday was jam-packed with events.
Portville Heritage Day was centered around the Library, and breakfast was served by the Methodists and the Eastern Star ladies.  In the park, games and rides entertained the little kids and raised money for the town police unit.
To be continued...
Stay tuned for more reunion updates, including the Class of 79 Party at Mickey's and a review of the 25th-year Reunion Video by Pan-Con...

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Class of PCS 1979
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100 MMike Connell10.6166TOP 10 ALL-TIME
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400 MBrian Miller50.893 1600 MetersTimeYear
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1600 MKirk Greene4:31.7982Brad Shaw4:31.8093
3200 MAndrew Elliott9:59.9033Andrew Elliott4:37.0003
Long JumpGene Bingman21' 11.5664Mike Cannon4:39.0089
Triple JumpJimmy Reynolds43' 11.75795Eric Blask4:40.3098
High JumpBrian Decker6' 9926John Gordnier4:43.8000
Pole VaultJeff Dean13' 3927Randy Bretzin4:45.0079
Shot PutJon Jones56' 10108Rob Pockalny4:45.5080
DiscusJon Jones149' 9109Chris Gundlah4:46.0084
110 HHBrian Miller14.769310Brian Broughton4:47.0075
400 IHBrian Blask55.880111Gunnar Van Curen4:47.6911
SteepleBrad Shaw10:2593
PentathlonBrian Miller3,34692 3200 MetersTimeYear
400 RelayL Hellwig-C Hellwig44.66091Andrew Elliott09:59.9003
 A LaBorde-K Richards  2Gunnar Van Curen10:01.0013
800 RelayR Sprague-B Reynolds1:34.35663Brad Shaw10:02.0093
 B Zech-M Connell  4Mike Cannon10:11.0089
1600 RelayB Miller-M Babb3:31925Rob Pockalny10:15.0080
 J Dean-B Decker  6Mark Brown10:19.0077
3200 RelayE Blask-D Armijo8:15.3987Dave Campbell10:20.0076
 B Blask-K Greene  8Tyler Shaw10:35.0004
9Eric Blask10:40.0098
 100 MetersTimeYear10Will Caya10:41.4411
1Mike Connell10.6166
2Jack Ensell10.9452 110 High HurdlesTimeYear
 Dale Childs10.94631Brian Miller14.7693
 Adam Hellwig10.94022Kris Lickfeld15.197
5Gene Bingman11.04663Mike Washburn15.387
 John Sprague11.04794Mike Sargent15.4197
 Tom Sprague11.04805Addy Scutt15.4495
8Lance Jobe11.16786Mike Sherwin15.679
9Tim Emley11.20837John Milne15.784
 Alex Woodhead11.20048John Sprague15.879
11Joe Peace11.23119Brian Blask15.901
10Corey Wesley16.201
 200 MetersTimeYear
1Mike Connell21.5066 400 Intermediate HurdlesTimeYear
2Adam Hellwig22.69021Brian Blask55.8801
3Jerry Scutt22.70692Kris Lickfeld57.1097
4Dale Childs22.80633Addy Scutt57.5794
5Joe Peace22.85114Brian Miller58.8093
6Bill Zech22.90655Mike Sargent59.5097
 Gene Bingman22.90666JD Van Sickle59.7095
8Brian Blask23.20017Dan Bailey59.9087
9Brian Decker23.50928Jeff Dean60.1092
10Tim Emley23.60839Barry Shaw60.3090
 Chris Hardgrove23.600310Corey Wesley60.9001
11Don DeAngelo61.0081
 400 MetersTimeYear12Keith Mott62.1002
1Brian Miller50.89313Zach Blask62.7011
2Zack Shaw51.909
3Jazz Peterson52.032 PentathlonPointsYear
4Fred Knight52.1941Brian Miller3,34692
 Adam Hellwig52.1022Brian Decker3,16892
 Scott Forrest52.1043Steve Clark2,92688
7Bob Bretzin52.2814Kris Lickfeld2,81397
8Nathan Warters52.6975Addy Scutt2,65693
9Troy Feffers52.8906Chris Gagliardo2,48999
10Jason Long53.2967Dan Bailey2,44888
 Chris Hardgrove53.2038Mike Sargent2,30995
 800 MetersTimeYear SteeplechaseTimeYear
1Matt Burlingame2:00.58061Brad Shaw10:2593
2Kirk Greene2:01.22982Andrew Elliott10:2703
3Ray Auman2:01.70753Mike Brady10:4592
4Zack Shaw2:01.84094Brad Thomas10:4797
5Mike McGreevey2:02.01935Tyler Shaw10:5703
6Andrew Blask2:02.02036Zach Blask10:57.211
7John Gordnier2:02.33017Eric Blask11:14.998
8Brad Shaw2:02.40948Shannon Knight11:2694
9Keith McDivitt2:02.80759Casey Caya11:2910
10Fred Knight2:03.009510Dave Baracat11:4093
11Gunnar Van Curen2:03.9411
 Long JumpDistanceYear 400 Meter RelayTimeYear
1Gene Bingman21' 11.5661A LaBorde-C Hellwig44.6609
2Xavier Harris21' 609 K Richards-L Hellwig  
3Jimmy Reynolds21' 2792J Mooney-C Hardgrove45.3203
4John Sprague20' 1179 A Woodhead-A Hellwig  
5Brian Miller20' 7923I McGavisk-J Dean45.7092
6Jerry Reynolds20' 684 B Decker-B Miller  
7Troy Jeffers20' 2904A Hellwig-C Hardgrove45.7002
8Scott Forrest20' 104 D Martinez-B Bell  
9Brian Decker20' 0925J Milne-J Pecone45.8083
10Brian Nitsche20' 004 T Emley-T Scalfaro  
6J Sprague-J Reynolds45.8279
 Triple JumpDistanceYear G Swetland-J Wright  
1Jimmy Reynolds43' 11.75"797J Sprague-J Reynolds45.9479
2Brian Nitsche43' 11.25"04 T Sprague-J Wright  
3Jerry Reynolds43' 9848J Mooney-C Hardgrove46.0003
4Lance Chaffee43' 669 R Williams-A Hellwig  
5Roger DeAngelo42' 9809J Mooney-S Forrest46.1004
6Mike Sargent42' 496 B Nitsche-A Woodhead  
7Randy Welch41' 66710DeBarbieri-Williams46.3998
8Jerry Scutt40' 069 DeBarbieri-Cornell  
9Mike Sherwin39' 378
10Chris Payne39' 302 800 RelayTimeYear
1R Sprague-B Zech1:34.3566
 High JumpHeightYear B Reynolds-M Connell  
1Brian Decker6' 9922J Sprague-J Reynolds1:34.579
2Mike Sherwin6' 5.579 T Sprague-J Wright  
3Jerry Scutt6' 4693D Nease-S Everetts1:34.776
4Jeremy Hammond6' 394 R King-T Yanetsko  
5Steve Clark6' 2884McLarney-Monroe1:35.4461
 Brian Miller6' 293 Bonsper-Childs  
7Randy Welch6' 0695J DeBarbieri-M Sargent1:35.997
8Lee Chaffee5' 10.2566 Warters-Lickfeld  
9Chris Gagliardo5' 10996Long-DeBarbieri1:37.696
 Brian Blask5' 1000 Williams-Lickfeld  
10Lance Reynolds5' 9807DeBarbieri-Williams1:37.898
 Pole VaultHeightYear8T Sprague-J Wright1:38.180
1Jeff Dean13' 392 Hazard-Burrows  
2Gary Swetland13' 2799Decker-Dean1:38.491
3Jason DeYoe13' 195 Borer-Miller  
 Jeremy Hammond13' 19410Miller-Keim1:38.593
5Franny Williams12' 685 Seawright-Moses  
 Dan Martinez12' 602
7Chris Gagliardo12' 399 1600 RelayTimeYear
8Tim Ortung12' 0781Miller-Babb3:3192
 Joe DeBarbieri12' 097 Dean-Decker  
 Chris Williams12' 0982Blask-Hardgrove3:31.601
 Andy Laborde12' 009 Gordnier-Ricci  
 Shot PutDistanceYear Sargent-Warters  
1Jon Jones56' 10104Keim-Scutt3:3594
2Jack Holcomb51' 1186 Hammond-Knight  
3Dave Nease47' 10765Lickfeld-Long3:35.796
4Jordan Spehar46' 711 Sargent-Warters  
5Jake Haught46' 1.5026Hellwig-Hardgrove3:36.302
6Alan Dean45' 1169 Ricci-Frost  
7Matt Swetland45' 7907Forrest-Hardgrove3:36.603
8Lee Chaffee44' 1066 A Blask-Hellwig  
9Russ Downey44' 396
10Tony Hammond43' 798 3200 RelayTimeYear
 DiscusDistanceYear1E Blask-Armijo8:15.398
     B Blask-Greene  
1Jon Jones149' 9102Shaw-McGreevey8:2193
2Jake Haught141' 302 Zimmerman-Greene  
3Tony Hammond141' 2993Van Curen-Pierce8:22.5111
4Russ Downey138' 1096 Smith-Blask  
5Lee Chaffee136' 1664Warters-Greene8:2397
6Greg Ralston135' 975 Armijo-Thomas  
7Jordan Spehar135' 5105Shaw-Sponsler8:2594
8Terry Keim134' 693 Knight-Greene  
9Joe Mascorella134' 0696Auman-C Pytcher8:2677
10Andy Keim129' 1195 R Bretzin-Brown  
 Sean Carr129' 11037Van Curen-Smith8:31.4511

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